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May '10

Brother, Day Four.

We have settled into a routine.

Jon gets up early and makes coffee (and I’m guessing toast). I get up later, turn on NPR, get coffee, get the paper, check email for critical items.

Breakfast is in the 10-11am range, thought tomorrow that will be earlier with Jon’s train at 11:30 (and my flight at 2:30pm).

Morning had Jon working on his presentation for UW and me billing some hours.

Errands today are to hit five thrift shops to see if I can get a 5-line phone now that I have the transformer on order. Damn, I shouldn’t have sold the one’s I used to own. Current thought is that I’ll use the payphone as the main phone for the Skype Charlie’s Angels Speaker Phone.

Didn’t end up with a phone. Ended up with a working Kirby vacuum for $4.99 at the Goodwill outlet, a wrought-iron crucifix for Hummingbird for $12.99, a $1.99 Emerald Downs lunchbox for Jimmy, and a $1.10 game (75% off) called Travel Buff from Chicken Soup.

I guess I should take pictures, but I’ve got to pack for San Diego tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was at Shilla – the Korean/Japanese restaurant on Denny. No more kimono. Damn. And they took half the party tatami room and turned it into a bar – might be a nice place for an E&A gathering – and added a full (but empty) sushi bar. Food was good, but it was a little dead – though it is a Monday night.

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