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May '10

Go To Bed In Montana, Wake Up In Wyoming.

Yet Another State On This Long And Winding Trip.

Blog, meet Steve, Steve meet blog (once I print this and send it to him). Here is the video of the prison firefighters from Montana — and Steve has a couple of soundbites:

So, and now onto the day.

Old Faithful Inn

Got out of the condo a little before noon – the heavy rain that had be present since the morning, mostly gone. By the time I got to Yellowstone it was the occasional sprinkle.

Animals to add to my list this morning:

  • Coyote is what I thought, and then I looked close at the picture…. WOLF
  • Green winged teal
  • Plus the countless buffalo/bison, mule deer, geese, etc.

Amazing facts about Yellowstone…

  • You can fart and no one can tell the difference between you and all the sulfur coming off the water
  • All those bison/buffaloes clogging the roads – and only buffalo hamburger on the menu in the evening (along with antelope sausage), but no buffalo steak or tenderloin
  • The reason (question asked by Zaphid yesterday) they don’t do geothermal energy production for the park’s needs – they tried it in Iceland and New Zealand and the geysers stop. Years ago when there was a large swimming pool heated with thermal waters from a spring, as the water lowered, a geyser started – and had stayed to this day, even though the pool is long gone
  • I think the shared bath room in the “old house” is a better deal than the “hi-range” room in the newer wing with bath – more charm, closer to everything. Saw the room I would have had for Saturday night on the tour today.

Met a couple of nice women travelling together from Kentucky as we were waiting for the 10pm geyser — need to say, no photographs. But I do have a photograph from earlier in the day:

Early morning tomorrow. Need to be at the prison by 1:30 or so for a 2:15pm “escort vehicle” call.

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Yet Another State On This Long And Winding Trip.

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