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May '10

Impromptu Dinner For Four.

Was Planning On Three.

I love mid-day flights. Begin about to get up at the usual time and still be able to pack your bags.

Got out of the house around 10:30 with a bag full of frozen pork and shrimp, and a resealable jug for Onyx. By 11:30 I was at the airport and checking into the Board Room for lunch. Not bad considering that in that hour I’d driven to the apartment, left the car in the garage, walked across the street and caught light rail to the airport, had to check in since a bag was going in the belly of the plane, and made it through security. And it was Memorial Day weekend with tons of people.

Flight was running early because of a tail wind. Spent more time waiting for my bag (I wish Alaska would tag First Class bags with priority stickers like United does) than for my ride (Onyx) to show up. Mark was back at the house embroiled in a work crisis.

After several calls from Tokyo Dave, decided he should just come to dinner with the boys and I. Twice in one week, in two different cities. How fun.

Country style pork ribs marinated in a plum sauce, on the grill. Broccoli with hollandaise. No salad, none in the house so we made do with what we could find, but as usual, wine.

No pictures today, sorry.


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Was Planning On Three.

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