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Jul '10

American Ridge, Part Two.

The Exodus.

Sometimes it’s about the journey rather than the destination – actually for me, it’s mostly that these days.

I couldn’t take another night in the broken down motel with its encrypted slow wi-fi (password chipmunk to all those late night visitors). Remind me to file my TripAdvisor review.

Got outta the dump 9:30ish, after an ice and postcard at the nice Whistling Jacks up the road (they were full – roadster road rally – saw some of them in Rainier later in the day), and to camp while there was still some breakfast in the warming tray (yeah for Sterno) and Lulu Latte was still making decent coffee (Swanda did not approve of the coffee at the restaurant at the dump – probably would have been better with the Tully’s packets in the room – damn, I should have taken those!).

Hung out around camp for a couple of hours reading the New Yorker, and finally packed it in. Next time I’ll just bring my bag and pad and rough it in the lodge, giving me the flexibility to come/go. Packed the car and headed back to Seattle the long way home – through the major portion of Mount Rainier National Park – it was a beautiful sunny day for a drive through the mountains. It really is the journey.

Got some nice shots of the mountain from turn-outs, had a sandwich and posted cards at Longmire, got home at 5pm – here are the photos:

Oh, and there are more pig shots in there.

Quick defrosted a filet mignon to go with some salad, popped a bottle of the Tempranillo that I now have most of a case of from the aborted trip, and settled in for the evening.

Oh, and Swanda bailed on night number two as well. Seems the feeling was mutual.

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One Response to “American Ridge, Part Two.

The Exodus.”

  1. Miss Otis Says:

    The pig. The mountains. Oy, the pig.
    The car?