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Jul '10

Sunday Post DOA.

If anyone can remember what I did on Sunday other than waking up in Olympia, let me know. Sunday’s post was lost in the ether with a server upgrade. At least I was able to recover Monday. Is that what they mean by blacking out?


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One Response to “Sunday Post DOA.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Sunday you brought back a wine cooler from Olympia and it was in the front seat of the BMW. You then hung out and it was hot as hell. Came over about 5pm and surprised me with it as Curt sold it to me for $50. You made dinner of chicken and kashmiri palak paner (a spinach based dish)but cooked pasta shells to go under it. Cole Slaw on the side and we had a bottle of Viognier with that. We talked about Africa and Whistler. Hope this helps.