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Sep '10

Chores During The Day.

Dinner With Swanda In The Evening.

Time to get back into the swing of things and get some bread baking done. Jeff was over in the late morning to drop off some high-gluten bread flour for me to try – and a loaf of his plain baguette that he made using a pan he borrowed from me. A nice discussion about bread (he uses the Julia Child method – I use a machine) and the difference between artisan (his) and high-tech (mine). These are the two loaves I baked today – with the bad of flour in the background – there is talk of splitting a 50# bag.

While the bread was in process (45 minutes in the machine, 45 minutes in the proofing [warming] oven) I got the scissor lift positioned on the slab – I only had to use the barrel jack half a dozen times to get boards under the wheels. Considering the three dozen times to get it around the side of the house, this was a welcome relief.

I should have taken the picture without the boards – looks much cleaner.

Swung by Home Depot to look at decking materials and to start thinking about the budget. Looks like (5) 2x6x8 at $4 each, (6) pre-notched deck rails at $19 each (ouch), (4) 2x4x8 side rails at $3 each… for a total of $150 before any of the electrics and bamboo siding. I might swing by Bamboo Hardwoods next week to see if I could do the whole project in bamboo for that tiki-like look. Shit, and I need to build the stairs up to the platform… it never ends – oh and that didn’t include the decking. Damn.

Dinner tonight with Swanda and orange-balsamic glazed chicken breasts, a salad, and a loaf of my bread. Oh, and a little wine, too.

Then home to figure out what to pack for tomorrow’s dinner in Portland.


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Dinner With Swanda In The Evening.

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