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Oct '10

Quiet Day At The House.

Well, it is definitely winter…. rain, rain, rain. The perfect day to do four loads of laundry, run to the bank and deposit checks that came in while I was gone, sew a table cloth, refill the meat locker, abandon dinner plans with Swanda (now on Sunday), and generally chill out and catch up.

Among the items on the agenda – altering (to add tags) a photo from last Saturday of Aviation Geekfest 2010:

I think you could put us all inside that engine from a 777.

I alternate between wanting to be a homebody, and wanting to be a travelbody. FYI – a ton more of information arrived today for the Thailand Trip (Nov. 12-22). Don’t think there is much hope of upgrading the flight (thank god for drugs), but at least I can check in WAY early and try for a better seat – electronic records come this weekend.

Chicken Kiev, or was it that other one, for dinner tonight – with a spinach and bacon side (salad? But it’s hot).

Off to Oly tomorrow for dinner and to deliver Hawaii presents.


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