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Nov '10

New Room In Whistler.

A Serious Upgrade.

My apologies for the quality of the video — it doesn’t do the room and the view justice:

A total fluke. Thank Rob for asking the group sales manager for a tour of the top floor 3-bedroom unit. Thank the rest of us for gushing over it. It convinced the sales manager to call the owner of the hotel who had booked the top floor unit for himself this weekend – he traded us. I’m guessing he also locked in the group coming back next year to this hotel.

Lunch across the street at some Italian place where I had the Eggs Benedict — oh so Italian. Then off to the store for a toothbrush, which somehow didn’t manage to get packed, some postcards, some off Canadian chips (Ketchup, Dill Pickle, etc).

Had a lovely nap – like two hours, must be as a result of getting up at 7am when I didn’t really need to.

Dinner was downstairs at Ric’s Bar and Grill. Set menu, included in the package, would have worked better as buffet and to have had all the wait staff running drink orders. Next year. Food was good, I went for the feast, which was turkey AND ham and all the fixings (after a Caesar salad starter). The service was a cluster-fuck — should have been a buffet and they should have had all the staff running and ringing up drink orders — they could have sold three times as much.

I brought Natasha back to the suite after dinner for a nightcap, and conversation with the rest of the suite-mates and friends… what a lovely way to end the evening. The plan for tomorrow is hot tub and/or sauna with Natasha before/after her $48 sightseeing ride up and across the mountains.

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One Response to “New Room In Whistler.

A Serious Upgrade.”

  1. Curt Says:

    Nice. Some snowboarder vids next?