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Jan '11

Osso Bubba.

Lots of running around today, but very little purchasing… was looking for a griddle that fits over two burners. No luck. Also checked out a couple of stores for pre-made bags to hold a battery pack. In the end, just ended up with three bottles of wine and a couple of bottles of whiskey. The whiskey is going back to Seattle with me, the wine for the dinners here in Berkeley.

Speaking of dinner, here is the before shot of “Osso Bubba” – Bubba because of all the substitutions I made with the recipe. At this point the veal shanks are braised and all the chopped vegetables and tomatoes have been added… now into the oven at 300 degrees for three hours:

And the after shot… must have been pretty damn good if this is all that’s left on the plates…

Life is so hard….

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One Response to “Osso Bubba.”

  1. Miss Otis Says:

    Love the marrowbone structure. Sorry I couldn’t be there to eat with y’all.