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Jan '11

Another Ferry Ride.

Another Country.

Up (5:30am) and out (6:15am). Ick.

On the ferry at 8am, after a Bloody Mary (from that same jug of premix from Thanksgiving!

Nap in the parking lot.

Duty free and a nap on the boat.

Off the boat at 10am.

Stop by condo – not ready.

Shop the fish store (salmon for dinner).

Shop the Thrifty for the rest of the meal stuff.

Drive around town for a bit.

Get call from condo – it’s ready.

Check-in, unpack, get settled (11am).


Fix four seafood salads (Swanda, Robin Hood, Crow Dog and myself).

Much good conversation over a bottle of white wine.

Boys leave at 4:30pm

Helene arrives a little after five for dinner.

Drink, chat, eventually start work on dinner at eight.

More chatting, more drinking.

Then sleep.

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Another Country.

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