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Jan '11

One More Day Til Waikiki

More errands – like swinging by the apartment pick up the new “travel” cell phone (Dual SIM model). Odd thing is it took me almost an hour to figure out how to get the back off… this from a 10-year Microsoft veteran.

An unexpected call with Jill means I have a dinner party (of two) on a night before my flight – how unusual for me!

Also booked the train for tomorrow’s run to Bellingham to get the flight – since Johnnie’s driving back down to Seattle the day we get back, it seemed the logical thing to do. It will be nice to have a little quiet time before the early evening flight.

Jill was over at five for cocktails, chat, and return of the MP3 player she borrowed on the Boston trip a couple of weeks ago.

Dinner was my wine, Jill’s much better wine, lobster tails, scallops wrapped in prosciutto, grill asparagus, a nice salad.

And today’s funny incident – just before Jill arrived I was thinking about what I’d packed for the trip – and realized I’d totally forgotten any shorts. Two pairs of Speedo’s, but no shorts. DUH! Better to remember today rather than running up plastic on the trip.


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