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Feb '11

Waikiki – Day Four.

Kitchenette Kooking™.

SurfBetty was up and out early… the routine continues… but now with a new twist… I can actually cook a decent breakfast. Yesterday’s score of the electric skillet ($5 !!!)

Too bad I broke the second yolk… and speaking Kitchenette Kooking™, notice the butter “dish” at the upper right hand side of the skillet – it’s a washed out smoked oyster tin.

Nothing on the agenda today other than spending a little time in the sun and continuing my readings on Jewish Mysticism … such nice light vacation reading.

The Girlz called at cocktail hour to invite us up to their rooftop deck… I accepted, but SurfBetty headed back to the beach for another surf session – and I used this as an opportunity to copy the SurfBetty CD from the first day with the professional’s shots of SurfBetty in action.

Back at the room we used a third of the chicken stock (the rest has been frozen into ice cubes in the single tray they provided) to make an Italian Sausage Dirty Cajun Rice dish with a side salad (leftovers from this will be used for lunch time roll-ups).

Not a bad looking (and tasting!) dinner.

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2 Responses to “Waikiki – Day Four.

Kitchenette Kooking™.”

  1. Colonel Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie……..what do you do with your accumulated kitchen hardware when you go home?

  2. markso Says:

    SurfBetty will be taking on the Pyrex Dutch Oven, and I’ll be packing the skillet and the omelette mold with me… replacing the fins, snorkel, and masks I’m leaving behind.