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Feb '11

Pignose®, Come To Poppa.

What a day… the red-eye got into Bellingham at a little before 7am. Ug. Cab to Johnnie’s place… and instantly I’m in bed… did I even take my clothes off? Shoes I remember. I do remember microwaving the stale Sausage Breakfast Burrito from my trip TO Bellingham last week when I was too sick to eat it. A cheese plate on one end and a warm Danish on the other do not make enough food for a meal in 1st Class if you ask me.

Four hours later I’m semi-human – at least enough to pack my bags into Johnnie’s car and crawl into the front seat – to sleep most of the two hour drive back to Seattle.

Of course when I arrive at the apartment, the office is closed… back open at 2. Guess it’s time for lunch.

The package I’m expecting… the stuff I ordered while in Hawaii. A Pignose® portable amp and some lessons for the Ukulele that I bought in Waikiki a couple of trips ago. The trip to the ukulele factory got me motivated.

That would be the Pignose® sitting on the arm of the couch – it can run on batteries, and yes, the Ukulele is electric, who knows what I was thinking when I bought it, might as well learn to use it.

Surprisingly I didn’t go back to bed when I got settled in at the house – a long shower helped.

A stuffed pork chop and slaw for dinner (after a supply run to the store)… a glass or three of wine, missing the warmth, but happy to be on my own couch.


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