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Apr '11

Poker Friday.

Headed to Olympia today.

First stop, Safeway for groceries for tonight pre-poker dinner with Curt, Rich and a certain legislator who shall remain nameless.

Second stop, The Evergreen State College to drop off the scholarship applications. Every time I visit the campus waves of lust roll over me. Good thing I don’t work out there.

Final stop, Curt’s place to catch up on work in the afternoon, and work on dinner and poker snacks for later.

Tonight’s dinner was broiled salmon, avocado halves stuffed with cream cheese and Krab®, boiled tiny yellow potatoes, and a nice salad. Yum, yum, yum.

At 7 folks started showing up for poker. I think I did OK, at least I know I walked away with $10 in paper money since I made change for the “certain legislator” before we completely cleaned him out.

We should invite him back more often.


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