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Apr '11


That would be San Jose del Cabo to San Diego to Seattle. But not until we had fajitas left over from last night’s (and other nights) leftovers. I don’t know what got into the boys but they were all packed and chomping at the bit to get out of there, well before I’d even really woken up.

I had my last 45 minutes of au natural sun on the upper deck before getting my packing done. It’s not like anything really needs to be folded, it’s all dirty anyway.

It’s so weird to be wearing long pants again — it’s been a week in shorts. And shoes. Birthday dinner I wore shoes instead of sandles, but that was it. Now, both shoes and long pants. Fees very weird indeed.

Shuttle to the airport ($28 per person round-trip in case you are interested) was at 11:45 but we were all down there 15-20 minutes early. It being Easter Sunday there wasn’t much traffic on the way to the airport so there was time to get some more food in my stomach before we boarded. I skipped any of the duty-free as is wasn’t any cheaper (and in some cases much more) than the prices at the Mega. I actually got to mark $0 on my customs form for items brought back.

Uneventful flight (as it should be) to San Diego. Turkey and provolone with roasted red peppers on a ciabatta roll with a little salad was the first class meal. I’m not sure what Curt had back in steerage.

Rich and I were the first two people through an empty San Diego Immigration line, and even after waiting for luggage we were one of the first ten through customs leaving us about an hour before reboarding our plane for the rest of the trip home.

From San Diego to Seattle the first class food was a Caesar salad and a bowl of incredibly good mac and cheese complete with the bread crumbles. I could have eaten three of those alone.

Arrived home about 8pm to a full mailbox, a cold house (yes, I remembered to turn down the heat!), and my own bed. With three lunches I didn’t need anymore than some steak leftover from last week to tide me through the evening of junk television and laundry.

Can’t wait to jump on the scale tomorrow and see what two weeks on the road has done to my weight.

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3 Responses to “SJD To SAN To SEA.”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    need your shipping address for your disc-do you want 5 separate or 1 compilation. All filmed ready to burn. Rose or apt?

    Coincidentially REALLY just happened in last hour — Could you check my website son in law never got to it and now it seems to be down as is my web mail.

  2. markso Says:

    Compilation to the apartment would be great! Thanks.

  3. Susan E Campbell Says:

    you got it!-never mind about the website seems to be up