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May '11

Faerie Camp. Day Four.

The Finale!

I am rooming with a Rhino. A sweet Rhino, but a Rhino none the less. Clueless would be another phrase. If folks are sleeping, maybe you might want to not let the cabin door just bang on its hydraulic closer, or maybe change your clothes at the end of your bed rather than slamming against two sets of bunk beds. But in the end, I can put up with anything for a weekend, maybe.

Maybe that’s why I keep going back for naps either morning or afternoon. On the upside, considering the number of old men in bunks, the amount of snoring is minimal, and mostly coming from one of the twenty something’s who sleeps on his back.

More forgotten items:

  • Earplugs
  • Sleeping pills
  • Happy willy pills

But today looks like it might be sunny all day, which means I might make the return trip in the sun with the top down as well as the trip north.

Breakfast was bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit salad… damn, I could get used to this!

I couldn’t get my head around the Heart Circle this morning, so I swept out the cabin as part of the “closing camp” procedures.

Lunch was tortellini in a tomato cream sauce, a Greek salad, toasted French bread.

And after lunch we were on the road. We? I have a ride partner back to Vancouver. A buddy of mine for about 30 years, Columbine. It is one of those relationships where years may pass between encounters, but the connection is still alive.

Dropped him off, no trouble at the border, one car in front of me… but even the “regular” lines only had a dozen cars in them.

Stop in Mount Vernon for gas and groceries then home… to find… the lawn not mowed. Bummer. Guess that deal isn’t going to work out. Good thing I didn’t pay in advance.

Steak and spinach for dinner — lots of iron! And then lawn mowing after dinner, you never know what the weather will be tomorrow. Got most of it done, but need to do the last bits of mowing in the morning (ran out of light) and the edging to make me happy.

And now for those pictures of the weekend that I promised!

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The Finale!

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