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Jul '11

Work On THE BOX, Day One.

Today’s word is DADO. It’s a variable width blade for a table saw.

A dado set or dado blade is a type of circular saw blade, usually used with a table saw or radial arm saw, which is used to cut dadoes or grooves in woodworking.

There are two common kinds of dado sets.

The first kind, known as a stacked dado set consists of two circular saw blades fixed on either side of a set of removable chippers. As the dado set spins, the two outside blades cut the dado walls and the chippers remove the waste material between and smooth the bottom of the dado. The chippers are added or removed to the set as required to make a dado of the desired width. Chippers can also be interspersed with spacers to finely adjust the dado width. Consequently, changing the dado width requires the complete removal of the dado blade set from the arbor, disassembly, addition or removal of chippers and/or spacers to achieve the desired width, reassembly and reinstallation onto the arbor.

Probably more than you needed to know. The one thing they don’t mention is the ton of dust and debris that a dado set makes. At the moment it feels like most of it is in my lungs. YES, I should wear a dust mast. Think dark brown snot from going through bunches of old growth cedar.

The project? To make a cedar box to transport the various talismans to gatherings so it doesn’t break. 6″x6″15″ is the outside dimension.

The progress for the day was actually getting the old blade off the table saw, getting the right number of blades for a ½” cut, and doing all the edges of the panels.

Dinner tonight was working through the left-overs, first up, all the chicken, now deboned and a load of soon to be stock sitting in the fridge.


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