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Aug '11

Day Two Of Company.

A lovely sausage and fried eggs breakfast before H20Blanco set off on his errands and then to dinner with his sister-in-law.

As for me, it was errands on the Eastside with a bank run (deposit), a liquor store run (Evan Williams), a Safeway run (eggs and a ton of 30-75% off meat products), and a Harbor Freight Tools run (1″ nails for the airnailer for the wine rack project.

Dinner with Jeff with a couple of the pork chops from the 30% section and a couple of loaves of bread, one perfect, the other, much denser as I forgot the egg.

But there was bad news after dinner. My dear friend Solus+ who was injured during a hosing down of the faeries (strong stream of water directly to his right eye) still doesn’t have vision in that eye. His words:

Home tonight in Vancouver.  Eye requires complicated and delicate surgery to restore sight. Consulting with local specialist tomorrow as arranged by University Hospital Casey Eye Center in Portland. Will be in touch.  I accept your offer of disseminating information.

It was a fun watersport that went a little wrong.

Here is a shot of the fun a couple of years ago (actually the first year it happened, summer 2005):

My guess is that this will be the last year for this particular gathering event. The only bright side is being a Canadian, we has good healthcare.


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