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Aug '11

More Garage Work.

I can’t believe I spent most of the afternoon and into the early evening working in the garage trying to organize and improve the shop. It all started with a run to Home Depot for about $40 bucks worth of vacuum hose and adapters. By the time I had to hit the showers to head off to the Faerie Re-Entry Party up in the north end, I’d put a critter filter on the exhaust from the vacuum cleaner, rigged about twenty feet of hose in various sizes, made a dust collection system for the table saw (now that all the plywood sawing is done!), hooked up a hose adapter to the chop saw and hung the Kirby Vac from the track system on one of the rafters to it can easily be pulled into place. Whew!

All this should help when it comes time to sand all those boards.


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  1. Barbara Says:

    Love the KY lic. plate.