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Sep '11

One Meeting, Two Parties.

The morning chore was getting the Madrona Wine Merchants business cards redesigned with the new logo — Jimmie is out and he has tastings (which I will miss) on Monday.

On the way to drop off the cards, swung by the apartment for what I thought was a package from my jeweler (M. Lowe & Company of Berkeley), but it was not and then off to scour the thrift stores for:

  • Recipe card files (found two almost matching in black with separator cards)
  • Spit bucket (was looking for stainless steel, found a nice ceramic crock to use)
  • Business card holders (stuck out, but those are cheap)

Jimmie and I swung by the shop to get a photo of the new paint job and the sign in the window. It’s starting to feel real:

Errands done, but still not packed and it’s off to an Equinox Party at Josh’s place — the guy who does my structural/drywall work on whatever house I’m working on at the moment. Unfortunately I was standing next to the keg when it was tapped and got nailed (though not as bad as Josh) with a garden hose of Fremont Brewing Company IPA. Add a stop back at my house to change before the next party and throw the shorts in the wash because it’s 80 degrees in Santa Fe (next trip).

Cocktails with Fluffernutter, his Josh, and some people I knew, and some I didn’t. It was hard leaving after only a couple of hours, but there is that pesky packing to get done for the Santa Fe trip in the morning.

Somehow it was a slow process and I didn’t get done until 1am. And the alarm is set for 3:30am.


[219.7] Amazing after being on two cruises to only gain .6 pounds.

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