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Oct '11

Long Day In Three Pictures.

6PM the day before we open to the public:

And we already have our first artist show hanging (art won over wine maps in the on-line poll). The featured artist is Suzanne Brooker, artist, teacher, and author of the successful art instruction book, Portrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications.

But, of course, all the last minute details (the glass for the counters came in about 3pm) meant a late dinner. The original plan was to cook for Swanda and Crew (Rob/Jody) when I left the shop. It was 7pm by the time I got to the apartment with two bottles of Malbec for a little tasting (one French, one Argentine, $9 and $10 respectively at Madrona Wine Merchants). Luckily they texted (hungry) and said Rob was headed to the Sea Garden (across the street from the apartment) for an assortment of Chinese food. The perfect complement for Malbec, or should I have gone for a semi-sweet Riesling or a Pinot Noir for the pork dish which this New York Times article talks about.

Sorry for the bad photo.

My problem is that I like heavy reds, and Malbecs are definitely that.

I got home and did the chores in the shop that I could safely do after a couple of glasses of wine:

  • Pull the nails from a wooden wine box
  • Cut a new lid for it
  • Air nail it down
  • Cut it in half to make two boxes for the lower rack of our shelving
  • Fill the trunk with the vacuum cleaner and other stuff for the store
  • Weasel the safe into the front seat of the Miata for installation in the bathroom

What I didn’t get done:

  • The paneling blade cut on some 1×2 as a test wine card holder (too fine, too dangerous for after a couple of glasses of wine)

In the morning the contractors come back to finish their job (except for the hood for the upper stairs), and I have a conference call at 10am for a future work opportunity, then it’s back to the sotre for opening morning and all the niggling details to finish (like writing up all the wine cards!).



4 Responses to “Long Day In Three Pictures.”

  1. Colonel Kate Says:

    It looks wonderful! Good luck with the endeavor.

  2. Pat Fell Says:

    The store looks great. Mazel tov! Art totally beats wine maps.
    From the NYT article “she still vividly remembers her first sip of an imported wine: “It was a south Australian shiraz. It was so much better than the Chinese wines I’d had in the past, and you didn’t have to add Sprite to it” reminded me that, when I first met him in Corfu, Bri drank retsina with sticky lemon soda.

  3. Swanda Says:

    Last night was a lot of fun and just for reference you had food from Shanghai Garden, much better than Sea Gardens, which is known for watering down their food!

  4. markso Says:

    Too true — my bad!