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Feb '12

New Work Schedule.

Starting today Jimmy and I will be splitting the Saturday shift, overlapping for the wine tasting. So, I opened, but left at 4:30 (well, 5pm because my friend Marlin showed up). Jimmy started at 1:30 and stayed until 7pm. Next week we will reverse that. It means that every other week Jimmy can actually make dinner plans that start before 7:30. We’ve also talked about me coming in on Friday afternoon’s to close, again, so he can have a little more free time. We are trying to get our shop hours at 2/3 (Jimmy), 1/3 (Mark).

With Swanda’s dance card filled for the weekend (doing better) I sent the mail I’d collected from the apartment to him via Marlin.

There was a full-scale re-entry party tonight for the Bush Attendees and friends. It started at 7 and I just couldn’t motivate myself to leave the house. I found a martini trying these two new vermouths (not at the same time) to be a more soothing evening.

Just a quiet evening in, working on the “to-do” list for the shop (signs, marketing copy, etc).

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