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Feb '12

Another Day, Another Issue.

And The Sniffles.

Waking up with a scratchy throat and a drippy head is not good. At least for visiting people in the hospital.

The motto today: chill, don’t push it.

Did the morning stuff (email, Google news, Wall Street Journal), had breakfast, read in bed for a bit, moved some stuff to the garage (not good for sniffles, but it needed to be done), and generally did what can naturally.

Did not leave the house all day.

Did finish another issue of SOTT for upload:

Although you should really see the cover folded out (which the eBook doesn’t have):

Sorry they don’t quite match up, but you get the idea.

Sniffles continuing through dinner of ginger pork and salad. But another issue is online.


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And The Sniffles.

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