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Mar '12

Paradise, Except For One Thing.

Just another lazy day reading the New Yorker on the KenDoll.

This place really is paradise, at least until the chipper starts up next door. At least that drowns out the chain saw. But at least one of the workers is cute.

DancingBear and BreticusMaximus went exploring around Puna, while Lightning got a massage and I just hung out reading.

Tonight’s meal was purple sweet potatoes (mashed), a tomato and green onion salad, and teriyaki pork medallions for the main. I’m afraid will have having to send lots of food home with BM. That, and a whole lot of booze! Too bad there spare room in my luggage, and I don’t really want to check a bag.

Last full day on the island.

[200, but I don’t trust the ancient analog scale]


2 Responses to “Paradise, Except For One Thing.”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Great photo!

  2. markso Says:

    Of me, or the boy?