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May '12

Brothers On The Road.

Yes, Both Of Us Heading South.

It was an alarm day. Enough said.

Brother was out of the house at 9:30, me fifteen minutes later. Corvallis for him, Seaside for me.

I ended up in Seaside a little before 2pm,but with the rain and wind howling, so much for a little fun at Fort Stevens with the SeasideBoy.

Fortunately the room was ready well before 4pm. They are still working on renovating the exterior of the WorldMark Seaside, so expect construction noise and possible obstructed views for the next several months – according to the letter stuffed into my registration packet – a letter I’ve gotten many times in the year plus this renovation is taking.

No dinner together tonight for us – he is off to his sister’s place for the evening, but he’ll return in the morning for round two.

On the way back from Sunset Village to drop him off, I hit the Safeway and the RiteAid looking for Alli, the anti-fat absorption pill that I take – no stock at either place. Apparently GalaxoSmithKline ran short of some key ingredient that it isn’t expecting until June. Yikes. Not even Amazon has it for anything close to retail.

As for me, beef fajita over greens was my meal of the evening, that and a little more of that lovely SodoVino wine.


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Yes, Both Of Us Heading South.

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