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Jun '12

Dinner With The Arnows.

A slow morning and it isn’t even the weather.

Open the shop at 11 and the big event for the work day is the Artist Reception for Nadia Hakki from 3-5pm. Unlike other artist receptions this was mostly low-key with not much wine swilling. Odd mix of characters including these two little old ladies with a passion for Italian aperitifs who ended up buying some of our vermouth and a couple of bottles of port after much conversation.

With the artist reception that means we (Jim and I) were both there for the end of the day which enabled me do duck out a little before 5 to head home to make dinner for Jill and her mother.

The menu:

  • Salad
  • Roasted bell peppers on the grill
  • Hunks of salmon
  • Hunks of boneless pork ribs

The guests:

  • Me
  • Jill
  • Murphy
  • Mom
  • Bliss (last minute invitee)

Nice meal – ladies (and Murphy) left early leaving Bliss and I to look at calendar for possible summer adventures. After Bliss left Missy came over for her check (helped us set up QuickBooks) and to sample the two different Vermouths from the shop.

For some reason I’m a little tired tonight.


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