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Jul '12

Friday At “The Office”.

Happy Friday the 13th. I wonder if Bowman still holds his parties every Friday the 13th in the Haight (at Ashby) in San Francisco.

Noon finds me at “the office” unlocking the front door and preparing for a day of receiving shipments from our distributors, pricing bottles and finding places for them in the racks – sometimes a challenge. I did get bored at one point and actually count the number of “facing bottles” that we have. Answer 442. Not bad for a shop that is only a little over 500 sq. ft.

Locked up the shop a little after 7pm owing to a last minute panicked customer who sent her daughter to keep me open while she parked the car. The panic? She needed 4 bottles (one cold) of the Gilbert Cellars Rosé for some sort of alley party.






2011 Gilbert Cellars Rosé of Mourvèdre ($13)

A dry local pink that actually does a great job of imitating the French. Nicely layered floral notes and good acidity.

Nice little wine for the price. I had a bottle Tuesday afternoon with Solus+ camping at American Ridge.

After work swung by the house, dropped off the car and walked over to Gnarlene’s place for his 50th birthday. Stayed too long, drank too much of his whiskey.

Late night to bed.


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