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Nov '12

In The Air Again,

On Another Presidential Election.

I voted last week so it doesn’t matter that I am flying back from Palm Springs on Election Day – oddly enough the same thing I was doing 4 years ago on Election Night – same city, probably even the same flight number.

On the way to the airport Craig (and I) swung by a sign company for a project he is working on for his non-profit in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. He had seen this sign:

…and he tracked down (through numerous calls) not the person who did this sign, but the folks that lost the bid on it. Nice little meeting and a tour of their facilities. Yes, I’m a machinery geek and with several friends in (or were) the sign biz, always good to see another shop.

Got upgraded, but was stuck in the window bulkhead rather than the aisle, at least it was another gay boy next to me – and several dozen more on the plane, all returning from Palm Springs Pride.

The flight got in a little early which changed my mind about attending a neighbor’s election night party – to the affirmative from the negative. I was hoping that since Obama was elected 4 years ago while I was returning from PSPride, that the same would hold for this year… and it did.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the three gay marriage passages – guess that means I’d better find a husband.

[? ? ?] Who knows after a week on the road…

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On Another Presidential Election.

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