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Nov '12

Monday Madness

Well, there is some good airplane news and some bad airplane news.

First the good: Got upgraded to first on the return leg of my Honolulu mileage run – still haven’t been able to change from 4C to 1C – maybe at check-in tomorrow.

Now the bad: Redid the math for miles remaining until Alaska Airlines MVP Gold status… 30 MILES SHY. Damn. Misfigured the Palm Springs mileage. Guess I’ll be flying to Portland before the end of the year (and training or busing home).

Shop meeting at two. Two pages of things to go over: marketing, back room construction projects, fill-in help, counter hours pay. Funniest comment of the meeting was when talking about our credit card debt – “the credit card debt is the third partner we never found”.

After the meeting I was supposed to drop off and set-up a computer for SalamanderHellBender… but he texted this morning to cancel the purchase… now I have a spare all-in-one computer that is running Windows 8 and has the full Microsoft Office Pro Suite on it – I was even going to throw in a rolling PC stand that is designed to slide over a bedside. $150 – what a deal. Any takers? Found a buyer for the 600 bottle wine cellar ($350), was hoping to have an extra $500 for the holidays.

Between the ribs and wine for the partner’s meeting and Blair’s cancellation, I was done with people for the day – I was supposed to go to the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Competition downtown… not as a participant, just there to drink the free Manhattans and eat the free food. That and needing to dress up was another reason.

Instead, gassed up the car for tomorrow and heated up leftovers and started through the “to-do” list from today’s meeting.

How’s that for a boring evening – didn’t even manage to book the Portland flight, which I need to do ASAP as fares go back up on the 14th.


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