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Nov '12

Dinner With Bliss And Friend.

OK day at the shop – at least I made better than last year in sales. Maybe I should stop tracking day/week comparisons to last year. People buy or they don’t, we market, sometimes hit helps.

But the high spot of the day was dinner with Bliss and a friend of his. Cocktails (the olives in the martinis were our salad), and the tasting bottle I brought from the shop (no good by Wednesday) to accompany a lovely stew/soup with tiny cornbread muffins from scratch – and yes, I succumbed to the lure of carbs, cornbread carbs.

It was an early night as Bliss has a ton of papers to grade – the joys of being an International Baccalaureate English Teacher.

Tomorrow is a champagne tasting in the afternoon and then dinner with Daniel.

In the meantime, I dream about the next motorhome, the Airstream Interstate that seats 8 for travel, 2 for sleeping.

Now, if I just had a spare $120K.


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