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Dec '12

Memories Of My Father.

As I continue to unpack things from the Santa Fe trip (and the Portland trip), I thought I’d document corporate items from a deferent era when sexual harassment was an office game hopefully taken tongue in check rather than tongue someplace else.

Exhibit A: A Corporate Buck Buckle (luckily both my brother and I got one:

Exhibit B: My father’s office door nameplate with “adornment”:

The above statement isn’t quite true as some of the specialized grinding balls were chromed for us in crushing pigments to make paint.

Full day of work for me – my one Friday a month, though with all the deliveries coming in and customers stocking up, Jim was in from 1:30 to a little after 5 to help out. Not a bad day for a Friday sales wise for the Friday before Christmas, though didn’t compare it yet to last years (will do that tomorrow).

Closed a little after seven with one of our regulars showing up as I was pulling the sign. Luckily I hadn’t run any totals yet, or put the cash in the safe.

Off to Swandas for a beef roast/brussell sprout/slaw/carb-free dinner. Even snagged a Christmas Eve dinner invitation from Swanda. Now I’m covered for Xmas Eve and Xmas day with places to go.

Scale came in, so tomorrow there will be a number below for the first time in a week or so, and I’m a bit nervous.

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