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Feb '13

Directory Hell, Day Four.

Didn’t even leave the house at all today. Just sitting here monitoring the printer. Nothing like changing a toner cartridge in the middle of the night in your bathrobe. Magenta went out. Luckily I have a stash of 2 or 3 extra toner cartridges of each color.

Nothing like getting the email that says: Oh, I found another faerie that only wants name and photo (no contact information) in the directory… 46 copies into the 225 print run. When I found that his picture was on the back of the song page I made the decision to print replacement pages. It’s easy as it’s the center fold. And I didn’t like the quality of the song page so I figured out how to pump up the resolution on that as well. Fixed another minor problem, but that one not worthy of reprinting.

While waiting around for replacement pages to spool to the printer and print I finally went digging around for a 64-bit Postscript Driver for the Faerie Printer. The PCL driver wasn’t letting me specify the number of copies (well, it did, but just ignored it and only ever printed one copy). The down side of this is that every time it has to download the entire 50meg file again, and again, etc. rather than storing the job in the printer’s memory and repeating the print job.

The Postscript Driver is installed and I am a happy camper. This means that a) 35 replacement center spread pages and b) coming out in one batch and it means that the time to print the rest of the directories will be significantly less.

By dinner time, replacement pages printed and integrated into the existing printed directories and working on sending the directory to the printer in sets of 25 (25×8 sheets = 200 sheets which is about what the output bin can hold).

And then I learned the ugly truth… it won’t collate. Better longer and collated than quicker, and then spending the time mindlessly collating sheets of paper.

And today’s amusing pictures:

The printer’s duplexing unit held together with packing tape.

And a few things ready to send back for recycling.

Night all.


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