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Feb '13

Holy Crap That’s A Lot Of Equipment.

Left Seaside at 11, quick stop for gas and was in Portland a little after 12:30. My appointment with Dean isn’t until 3, so it’s time for a little nap.

Oh what a mess I found when I met up with Dean and his sister sitting in the living room of my dead friend’s house. They looked shell-shocked for the task in front of them which was clearing out the house of a packrat who collected pianos, reed organs and the stray harpsichord as well as having a basement filled with letterpress equipment.

I was interested in the letterpress, which, oddly I forgot to take a picture of, but here is the basic jist:

And then there was the other equipment like the paper cutter:

And another paper cutter, or it could be a pedal driven slug cutter:

Boxes of blank business cards….

Type galore…

Composing racks…

All of which needs to come up 5 steps into the back yard though this entrance:

I put what I could into the Miata which was about 7 half cases of type.

And off into rush hour traffic I went; pondering how the hell to make this happen.

Time to get on the 0’s&1’s to Tony in Portland who had offered to help move it, but there is no way that I can take anything more than some of the type. Luckily knows of a Printing Collective here in town that might have space. Guess that will be tomorrow’s project.

Makes me tired just thinking about it.

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