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Apr '13

Dinner With Roxy And Brandon.

Worked the usual 10-2:30 shift at the print shop.

Ran some errands and came home to prepare for dinner with Roxy and Brandon.

The funny thing is that I met Brandon through Roxy, but Rox doesn’t know he’s coming to dinner since he moved 45 minutes away to lovely (kidding) Spanaway. Brandon’s spending the night and will cut the lawn tomorrow to earn some bucks. Not only is he stuck in the middle of nowhere three miles from the closest bus, he’s out of work and doesn’t have a car. Not good. Luckily he has a saint for a sister.

Dinner tonight is a rack of pork ribs for Brandon and I – and cod for Roxy.

Way too much fun. Roxy didn’t get out of here until midnight which will be rough since he gets up at 3am for his other full time job (other than being my boss at the print shop).


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