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May '13

Morning In The Swamp

Unexpected Dinner Guests In The Evening.

The plan was to open a hot dog stand in the kitchen for the final lunch at the Longhouse Gathering. I just didn’t have the energy for it. I came home, got cleaned up and took a nap – leaving me with all sorts of hot dog supplies. Guess what was for an early dinner.

And then I got a text message from a number I didn’t have in my address book: Arriving in a few minutes.

OK – texted back “who is this?”

And then the knock at the door with JSteve and Brian with salad and beets to go with dinner…. The dinner I thought we’d scheduled for Wednesday. Crossed wires. So, we fired up the grill and I had another round of meat tubes but this time with a salad with some nice beets in it. And they are coming back on Wednesday for the lamb shanks I was planning on making.

And I got both of them to try the SauerKraut that I marinated in Gruner-Veitlander, a dry Austian white wine.

Fun with friends – it was a great evening non-the-less, with another planned on Wednesday.

Happy Memorial Day – kiss a vet (no, not a veteranian, though they probably deserves kisses as well).


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Unexpected Dinner Guests In The Evening.

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