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Sep '13

Off To The Bay Area For Dinner.

This is the first of three trips to SFO this fall –as much to see the boys as for the 10,000 bonus miles.

This isn’t the jet that I was flying on – the Salmon Thirty Salmon (one of two I believe), but it’s a cool paint job.

Not my favorite seat (1C), but at least it’s an aisle seat in First Class.

Arrived at 4PM and it was a little before six when I got picked up at the Ashby BART station. Normally I’d just walk the 10-12 blocks but with lugging a box of wine with me the ride was nice.

A lovely dinner with the boys – we opened one of the bottles of wine I brought down – and sounds like I might be bringing more wine the next time I come down in October. How’s that for customer service?

As usual, stayed up too late, but what’s new with that.


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