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Sep '13

Birthday Ramble – Day One.

Too much puttering around that with nasty traffic I was over half an hour behind schedule.

And more ugly traffic trying to get to the Cruise Ship terminal. Oh well, we don’t sail until 3:30.

Magnatrious clocked our time getting through the check-in process to actually getting on-board – 1.5 hours. Maybe I should start skipping getting on-board in time for an appropriately-time lunch. No crowds getting on the boat at 2pm.

A quick burger for lunch – it was the shortest line, then the it was the 3:15 safety drill with the wonderful Benjamin – a shy member of the orchestra:

Never did find out what instrument. Then we were back to the cabin for some relaxing:

Until the deck got too hot and I had to strip down to the Speedos for cocktail time:

An early dinner at 6 as the LGBT Gathering is in the Wheelhouse Lounge at 7:

Prime rib for me, peppercorn medallions for Mags.

And off to the Wheel House we go – no time for dessert. Wow – a one night cruise and 40 guys in the bar – and apparently another 20 missing.

Too cold for Movies Under The Stars – even with the provided blankets – I don’t like Star Trek THAT much.

I can’t believe later we both ordered room service (Club and a Croque Menou) AND did a brief drive by of the buffet before bed.

This will be the last day of that sort of behavior for me.


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