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Oct '13

Lots Of Driving.

Nice to be back in my own bed. Boston was fun, but that was then, and here we are again.

A couple of gas and grocery runs – both cars were low and I’ll be needing them both over the next couple of days. The wagon for a run to Home Depot for plywood to make new rolling racks for the shop, and today’s run to drop off a computer at Jim’s since his died last week during the storm – and not having your business partner on email is a pain. Luckily I had an old Windows XP box that I’d removed from service a couple of months ago.

So, a couple of runs up to White Center, then the Central District, and then down south to Covington to grab the Seaside boy for dinner – wish he could spend the night but part of the deal where he is now living is a midnight curfew.

Half an hour down there, half an hour back, dinner and hanging out, then back down south again.

Had a great dinner of chicken breasts and a big green salad – true to form SB was drinking any wine. How did I come to date a non-wine drinker?

Forgot to get a picture of us together, maybe next time.


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