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Nov '13

Heat Is Back On.

Slept under MANY blankets last night and got up early to wait for the gas man… not 8 but 9 is when he showed up. At least I had hot water in time for a shower before work.

Worked the shop from 11-4:30 or so, then it was off to Young’s Market (wholesale wine distributor) to check the price on Eroica Resiling for one of our customers – only to miss their hours by 40 minutes.

Guess I’ll email them.

Back home to start working on the bread for tonight’s salmon dinner with Brandon & Roxy. Actually made two loafs since Roxy is a carb-hound:

  • Rosemary Challah
  • Green/Black Olive Challah (first time for this recipe)

Great meal – opened a Delmas Blanquette de Limoux (French Bubbles) which is main from 80% Mauzac and 20% Chardonnay

The Blanquette de Limoux is made from Mauzac, a traditional variety that gives body and aroma, with Chardonnay that reinforces the bouquet and adds freshness and finesse. The Delmas is a creamy-textured, full-bodied wine with a fine yeasty character, subtly fruity, with toasty green apple and lemon flavors. It’s great for effervescing any party or dinner.

Then it was back to cocktails. Probably too many cocktails.

Here is a shot of the boys from their last visit that I haven’t posted before:

Just imagine Brandon’s hair sort of pink and blue these days.

They spent the night rather than taking the bus home… probably just as well that NONE of us were out roaming around tonight.

[208.2] Only half a pound over when I left for Denver

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