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Nov '13

Long Day, Part Two.

Arrive back in Bellingham around 8am – and immediately headed to the Jack In The Box for a meaty burrito – a six hour flight with just a cheese and fruit plate and a lot of scotch leaves one a bit hungry.

And I don’t know what made me think of this – but during the awake time of my redeye flight this stumbled into my alcohol laced brain:

Pointing at a cute guy’s crotch in a bar and uttering “When’s the last time you took that dog out for some exercise.”

Slept for the last couple of hours on the plane and then after the burrito pulled off at the first rest area and grabbed another couple of hours of sleep before my lunch date with SeasideBoy up in Blaine.

The sleep helped.

It was good to see him, too bad there isn’t any time to fool around:

Had lunch at Big Al’s Diner before I took him back to his boyfriend and maybe soon to be husband – he had me save the 1st of October for a possible wedding. Hopefully this one will work out better than the one last year that never happened.

Then it was the two hour plus drive home with the usual messy Friday afternoon traffic.

A quick nap and it was cocktail time… again.

Dinner was some boneless country style pork ribs in Arthur Bryant’s BBQ sauce with a nice little salad.

[210.8] But that was late afternoon, which bodes well for the morning weigh-in.

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