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Feb '14

Non-Trip Report: Best Laid Plans

Well, this week was supposed to be a couple of nights in the Bay Area. There are a variety of reasons why it didn’t’ happen. A laundry list of things…. Lunetta (who I stay with) got the week wrong and is in San Diego all week Onyx (partner of Lunetta) is having post-gathering fragility issues […]

Feb '14

Trip Report: Denver

A couple of months ago I snagged this GREAT fare to Denver on United Airlines… $118 round-trip! You can imagine my surprise when I also got UPGRADED in both directions. Snagged another one in early April for the same price on Alaska, but that one is just an overnight. I try and visit Dan and […]

Feb '14

Trip Report: Oregon

This week I’m off to Oregon for a couple of days – after dealing with cancelling my Microsoft Alumni Network medical insurance now that the Washington State Health Exchange has figured out what I deserve. I could have saved $375 if they’d gotten their act together in December. At least I’ll have MUCH cheaper coverage […]

Feb '14

Snow Report: Seattle

I missed the first snow of the season (December) in Seattle – I was on the road…in another state. This started Saturday night late (10pm or so for South Park, 7pm for the wine shop): Luckily this morning the temps had warmed and it was an OK commute to the shop – though I DID […]

Feb '14

Trip Report: Forks, Washington

Setting For The Twilight Series

Off to visit friends and work on making some zebra-skin lederhosen. I got the idea from a Wall Street Journal article about Oktoberfest in Namibia (a former German colony). Here is the drive plan since the Seahawks Victory Parade will turn downtown Seattle into a mess/zoo/clusterfuck: Yep, taking the long route… through Tacoma. The lovely […]

Feb '14

Trip Report: Lopez Day Trip

Up very early this morning – destination, Lopez Island up in the San Juans. The view from the Anacortes ferry dock as I wait for the 9:30 ferry to Lopez: Another ferry Eastbound… First stop on Lopez was to pick up some of my old equipment from Sue. It was good seeing her again – […]