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Apr '14

Trip Report: Redmond, Oregon

On the road with Xander and Roxy – headed for Redmond, Oregon for a couple of nights in a 3-bedroom “chalet” complete with BBQ grill and hot tub – the only way to stay. We will be meeting Julian and Megan who are coming from Portland to celebrate Julian’s last week in Portland before a […]

Apr '14

Trip Report: SalamanderHellBender & UncleMarkie In Waikiki.

Another week another trip – this one to check something off SalamanderHellBender’s Bucket List – Hawaii. The initial spreadsheet shows about $425 per person for 4 days, 3 nights with guaranteed First Class on the way there and most likely an upgrade on the way back. That doesn’t include food and other stuff while we […]

Apr '14

Trip Report: Hong Kong Mileage Run

Yep, I’m at it again – spending hours flying for no reason other than the miles. Destination? Hong Kong for 15 hours. Off to a good start in the lounge, even considering the hour: But I noticed this on the way to the gate – TWO United flights, both to San Francisco (not unusual), but […]

Apr '14

Trip Report: Scholarship Reading At The Camlin.

Well, it’s that time of the year again – time to read those pesky scholarship applications for the Mark Stephen Souder Scholarship For Information Dissemination. This year the scholarship is kicking off a grant of $2,688. The cost to attend Evergreen full-time? Out-of-state (which gets you an extra point on the grading scale) $35,856, In-state […]

Apr '14

Trip Report: Dinner With Dan (and Lisa) In Denver.

Talk about a quick trip…just an overnight outside Denver with my ex and his wife. I would have stayed longer but the cheap flights were only on Tuesday and Wednesday. And when I say cheap — $118 round-trip. Add $23 for the rental car, $10 for gas, and $35 for airport parking in Seattle and […]

Apr '14

Trip Report: Travel By Train In The US

I love to train by train – as you readers might know especially from my Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania trip last week. This week I stumbled across this image of the new Denver Amtrak/MultiModal station: All I can say is “holly fuck”. That is one gorgeous train station. Suddenly I’m trying to figure out bookings to see it […]