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May '14

Trip Report: Il Etait Une Fois L’Orient Express, Part Three – Paris

Landed in one piece, pretty much on time. Welcome to Gay Paree. Okay, that’s a bad pun. Logistics: Landed at Terminal Two which is really about three terminals connected by underground trams…it’s like half a mile to even get to immigration and customs which in the Speed Lane (business Class ticket) is not an issue. […]

May '14

Trip Report: Il Etait Une Fois L’Orient Express, Part One — Houston

Decent flight time for my first leg – Seattle to Houston (Seat 1C). Travelling on Memorial Day is a little odd – there was NO ONE in the TSApre line and I didn’t see anyone as I was walking there and I didn’t see anyone coming up behind me. Then no one at the check-in […]

May '14

Trip Report: “Camping” With The Boys In Suburbia.

Time for another gathering of the Radical Faeries – this one in suburbia if you can believe from the pictures that at the top of the driveway and across the street is a 24-hour Albertsons… but we are down in the bog for The Longhouse Gathering. Some people pick a tent (others pitch a fit), […]

May '14

Trip Report: SEA-OAK-SEA Mileage Run.

Damned if the $138 round-trip seats were on the early morning planes – I set my alarm but didn’t arm it… and damn near missed my plane even with the lightest of carry ons. And I thought I appreciated TSA-Pre before – now I REALLY do. I had just enough time to get to the […]

May '14

Trip Report: Sunny Humid Orlando.

My brother came into town Saturday night – somehow I got the weekend of his visit wrong, thought it was going to be the week before. Downside is that it only gives us one dinner together before I need to jet off to Orlando for a couple of nights. Upside is I get a ride […]

May '14

Trip Report: Racking Up The Miles – SEA-SFO-SEA-SFO-SEA.

With the summer travel season just around the corner, time to stock up on those miles before the deals go away. Today’s deal is especially good. Double Elite Qualifying Miles on certain Alaska Airlines routes through the end of May. And with airfares of $138 round-trip, that makes them a cheap way to rack up […]

May '14

Trip Report: Cruise To Nowhere.

It really isn’t a cruise to nowhere… just an overnight from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA – with a couple of nights in Vancouver with friends at the beginning. Since Swanda wants to see lots of selfies, this might be a report in selfies….starting with not getting to bed early enough… But I make the […]