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Jun '14

Party Report: Two Upcoming.

Here Ye, Here Ye. Two parties a comin’ June 29th – The South Park Bridge Opens! Party Time: 6-9PM (though Bridge Party starts at 3PM) Well, technically it opens at 6AM on the 30th for traffic, but there is a party from 3-9PM on the 29th to celebrate four years to the month of not […]

Jun '14

Trip Report: The Coast Starlight From Los Angeles To Seattle.

The third and final train trip in this month’s rail adventures – The Coast Starlight. Arrived 15-20 minutes late on The Southwest Chief – unshowered and unshaved but at least my teeth were brushed. First stop…wait for it….The Metropolitan Lounge on the second floor of Los Angeles’ Union Station. This lounge has only been open […]

Jun '14

Trip Report: The Southwest Chief From Chicago To Los Angeles.

Another Amtrak Lounge, another comfortable chair to nap in. Compared to the New Orleans location, this place is HUGE: The reception desk to the right, carry-on luggage check room to the right – I just kept my small computer bag handy: And several rooms worth of seating…. And unlimited soda… And our own exit directly […]

Jun '14

Trip Report: The City Of New Orleans.

What a fitting way to celebrate achieving United Million Mile Status – by taking a five-day train trip back to Seattle from New Orleans. For those of you curious about all the benefits of United Million Mile Status, just click on the link. My red-eye via San Francisco arrived a little after 5:30am…and shockingly, even […]

Jun '14

Trip Report: My Millionth Mile.

For the trip I’ve looked forward to for years, it isn’t starting well. I got Jimmy to cover my last two hours of my shift (3-5pm Sunday) so I could get to the airport with enough time (via cab) to have a couple of drinks and a light supper before the first leg of my […]

Jun '14

UnTrip Report: The One That Got Away & The One That Is Replacing It.

Well, the plan this week was to be in Bozeman to hopefully hang with the Hockey Player…but that was starting to look doubtful with a recent job change, and a desire on his part to stay firmly rooted in the closet of his Catholic upbringing. That’s when I start doing the dollar/fun calculations: Airfare: $220 […]

Jun '14

Trip Report: Santa Fe, New Mexico – Visiting Mom.

This week’s adventure was to head to Santa Fe, NM to visit with mom and work through the “honeydoo” list. Decent flight time out of Seattle, but that means a late arrival in Santa Fe. Late being 9:15pm, which by the time luggage came (took back wine and cherries for the family) it was 10pm […]

Jun '14

Trip Report: Il Etait Une Fois L’Orient Express, Part Four – The Journey Home.

My morning flight was at a civilized hour – 10:30. Alarm at 7, but I was already up – and in the bathroom when the wake-up call came. Checked email, had a little bad instant coffee, finished packing and headed back to the train station to catch the automated shuttle to Terminal One. I’d forgotten […]