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Oct '14

Trip Report: Santa Fe To Visit Mom

My little “Board Room Ritual”—a Red Baron (also known as a Poinsettia) to start the travel day. That would be sparkling wine and cranberry juice. Kill the liver, cure the kidneys. My good travel luck is holding – got assigned Seat 1C without even having to log in a move it. Maybe the computer finally […]

Oct '14

Trip Report: Sacramento

Yes, I know, Sacramento – lots of snippy comments on “The Pit Called Sacramento.” “Why?” they asked. $96 round-trip and I got upgraded to first class in each direction. The cheap fare was the result of a two-hour “flash sale” announced by Alaska on its Twitter Feed. A week or so later it was $128 […]

Oct '14

Status Report: All In A Day’s Work.

In the fall, Mondays mean Trade Tastings… and one that I never want to miss is the one by one of our smaller distributors — name withheld to not out them for putting on a great spread. Ten tables with half a dozen bottle of wine which is much more “doable” than having a 100+ […]

Oct '14

Status Update: New Year’s Resolutions

For those long time readers you might remember my New Year’s Resolutions…if you’ve forgotten, it’s here: https://blog.unclemarkie.com/2014/01/01/new-years-resolutions/ So, how am I coming on these goals? Achieve Million Miler Status on United Airlines, which will give me United Premier Gold status for life for me and a significant other (accepting applications). Achieve Elite Status On Princess […]

Oct '14

Trip Report: Fico’s Birthday In Tucson

Another week, another trip. This week I used my last two Gold Guest Upgrades for 2014 to secure first class round-trip Seattle to Tucson for $300. But first, an amusing shot from Sea-Tac, a SubPop record store in the airport concourse… And my plane, which you can’t quite see from here, is in the Portland […]