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Jan '15

Trip Report: Bus Tour Of The Port Of Tacoma

So, the infrastructure geek in me signs up for these “public outreach” tours that both the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma periodically put on. I did a post on it back in 2008 when I did a Third Runway tour at Sea-Tac just before they opened it to air traffic. Here is the post: https://blog.unclemarkie.com/2008/09/10/runway-16r/, […]

Jan '15

Trip Report: CanadaLand With The Boys (And A Little Girl)

This week’s adventure involves LOTS of people (well, for me). First through the door are Seth (31) and Maia (the little girl – 5½ years old). They drove up from Corvallis for our little adventure. Before long they set off for the airport to pick up Lunetta and Onyx who flew in from San Francisco. […]

Jan '15

Trip Report: Out Of BBQ Sauce – Off To Kansas City.

While not entirely the reason for the quick trip to Kansas City, it certainly is ONE of the reasons. The other was that it was on an Alaska Flash Sale a month ago and I picked it up for $156.20 – something on the order of half price. Alaska tends to do their Flash Sales […]

Jan '15

Trip Report: A Sacramento Quickie With Jameson

Not THAT kind of quickie – a quick two-night visit. Scored the ticket for $116.20, CHEAP, and a rental car for $28.40 (plus gas, which you can get right at the airport), hell my parking was $40.38 (with the Senior Discount at Wally Park for those 55+). A great day to fly…fog causing some planes […]