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Feb '15

Project Report: The “Fantasy” Project That Is WAY Out Of My League

I’ve always loved the looks for the 60’s Ford F-750/800 Custom Cab trucks – they sort of look like a bulldog to me: And here is what I would do with something like this – a party truck – seating for eight: Bench seats facing out on both ends. In the middle, club seating for […]

Feb '15

Trip Report: The One I Let Get Away

A couple of years ago I did the Star MegaDo 5 (you REALLY should click on that link) –the penultimate aviation geekdom event. Even more than AvGeek (http://www.airlinereporter.com/2015/01/aviation-geek-fest-2015/) here in Seattle that sold out in 90 seconds for hundreds of places. Fico and I were there in I think 2010. Wish I could find the […]

Feb '15

Trip Report: Bay Area – Part One

As usual, I’m a week behind in posting. Last week was a couple of nights in the Bay Area. I say Bay Area as I flew into Oakland, but stayed in the city. Started the trip as usual…though a little cranky over the passing of my buddy Swanda. I think it shows in my Board […]

Feb '15

Trip Report: Bay Area — Part Two

Slept late, then went for the Owner Update in the Shark Tank — $75, a big glossy hardback book of all the resorts in the system, and a fairly lame lunch. And thirty minutes longer than advertised Man did I need a drink after that! Tonight’s excitement is dinner with Lunetta, Onyx, and Onyx’s old […]

Feb '15

Trip Report: San Antonio

Well, it really isn’t about San Antonio, more East and North – think New Braunfels. We Alaska Airlines moves into a city, it’s usually with a nice mid-day flight. Often the planes start in Anchorage with a red-eye, then move east with the same plane coming back from whence it landed. No exception today with […]