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Apr '15

Travel Tips: Amtrak Guest Rewards Update

Yesterday was another “train day” – not on the train but dealing with Amtrak. As it turn out, the routing that I proposed in my earlier post, while a valid “routing”, isn’t a valid “redemption”. Seems that ALL LEGS of the journey must be within a single zone. The route in question was Denver to […]

Apr '15

Travel Tips: Gaming The Amtrak Guest Rewards System

An occasional feature of UMTravels are tips and tricks for maximizing your award potential. Today’s topic: Amtrak and their Guest Rewards Program. The basics of the program are: Earn 2 points per $1 spent on your Amtrak travel. Unless you travel a lot on Amtrak it’s going to take you a long time to even […]

Apr '15

Multiple Trip Report: Scholarship Reading On The Road

Over the last couple of posts I’ve mentioned reading scholarships while we are holidaying, or in the Penthouse at the Camlin after I got off from the wine shop. Here is the low down on what we are reading and for who. Scholarship Description: Mark Stephen Souder Scholarship for Information Dissemination Offered to a new […]

Apr '15

Trip Report: Spring Break Number Two – Birch Bay & Vancouver

Spring Break trip number two – another student: Jonathan. Student Spring Break trips are on the cheap: driving. Teacher Spring Break trips, frugal, but flying. The route: Lots of miles on the Miata this Spring…speaking of which, when you travel in a small car, forget hard-side luggage, think lots of small, squishable bags: And my […]