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Jul '15

Trip Report: Santa Fe For The Last Time In A Long While

I’ve been putting off this trip report – still feeling a little raw since the nature of my visit changed from visiting to a memorial. Had to move my plane ticket up by two days (dinged $360 additional) to be able to make the hastily arranged memorial service – the advance of being MVP Gold […]

Jul '15

Trip Report: San Francisco Quickie

I probably spent more on this round-trip ticket to San Francisco than I ever have. Though with all the $98 round-trip tickets I’ve gotten, dollar cost averaging makes it look much better. But what can I say, you fly someplace on two weeks’ notice in the middle of summer, you pay through the nose. And […]

Jul '15

Trip Report: Whistler, BC, Round Two

This trip to Whistler was the one originally planned, not the one to just get more use out of my Season Peak-2-Peak 360 Pass. It shares a theme of students/teachers just out of school – this one would be the teacher – International Baccalaureate High School English – and boy does he need a break. […]