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Sep '15

Trip Report: Birthday Ramble Part One –


Not that I haven’t been rambling enough this September, but this one actually includes my birthday. Step 1: Get to Denver – snagged an upgrade to First Class, though no pictures this time. For the meal, refer to the last two posts of the pan fried gnocchi with a thick Bolognese topping. Yes, more heartburn […]

Sep '15

Trip Report: The Ruby Princess With Salamander

Time to take another “cruise virgin” for a trip. I keep helping Salamander tick things off his bucket list. Not sure how I’m going to pull off Greenland – at least not this trip. This trip is a simple Vancouver to Los Angeles 3-night “cruise to nowhere”. But first, we have to get to Vancouver […]

Sep '15

Trip Report: Quick Trip To Berkeley

The travel season is here for Uncle Markie – this week it’s a quick trip to Berkeley to see Lunetta and Onyx. I realized when I got down there it had been a year since I’d been to see they. Didn’t seem like that long since they visited me in Victoria last January. Three selfies […]

Sep '15

Amtrak Guest Rewards Report: The Times, They Are A Changin’

Some of you have been following my obsession with Amtrak Guest Rewards and gaming the system. Well, the game is changing as of January 24th. Here is the current zone system: Amtrak Guest Rewards Sleeper Rewards Zones Roomette Bedroom 1 Zone 15,000 25,000 2 Zone 20,000 40,000 3 Zone 35,000 60,000   Under the new […]

Sep '15

Trip Report: Walla Walla Wine Country

Well, it’s September! Time to travel now that there are DEALS again. First up on the block is Walla Wall Wine Country, home to two friends of mine from Seattle (one all the back to college) who moved there six months ago. For some reasons, I have NO pictures of the new house, complete with […]

Sep '15

Summer Report: MORE Couch Surfers

I’ve gotten the question a couple of times – why not just do AirBnB and make some money off the place. I never really knew the answer to that (other than I’d have to move the printers into the garage and give up my closet) until I was chatting with a surfer who stayed with […]

Sep '15

Home Report: Project Creep

So, this summer has been hard on my ice machines. Kitchen on died so I pulled the old one out of the garage – the one that is duct taped and held together with wood skewers and safety pins. Add that the one at the shop has been running show as well – time to […]